"I personally consulted Debbie to help my wife connect to her deceased parents and aid in healing. What came forward was unmistakably contact and messages of love from them. Debbie gets a Five Star approval from me and I trust her with my family and those I care about the most."

—Darius Barazandeh, Host of the You Wealth Revolution Network

"My Mom passed away Tuesday November 20. We had to take her off life support. Even knowing she was gone it was very difficult to watch and my daughter Casey  started to have a meltdown. That was when I suggested that we sing a song. Casey began to sing Elvis's  'can't help falling in love with you'. We all joined in. The energy of the room shifted. it came softer, warmer, calmer. Everything died down. My Mom relaxed and softened. It was beautiful. The next day I was listening to a recorded interview with Debbie and Darius through You Wealth Revolution. I was about 45 minutes into it and I had to pause the broadcast but instead of pausing returned to the beginning. i decided I would listen to it all again so I restarted the show. This one act led to the perfect timing. Near the end of the interview Casey and I were in my Mom's room searching for paperwork required by the funeral home when Debbie said she was hearing a song. She began to sing 'take my hand take my whole life too. I can't help falling in love with you...' She said there is someone who needs to hear this. Casey and I stopped what we were doing and starred in awe!!! That song, sent to Debbie, tapped by Darius, replayed by me, restarted 45 minutes into it, was placed in a room with Casey and myself to be heard together. A perfect synchronicity!!  Thank you Debbie xoxo we got the message xoxo"


"I met Debbie a year ago and my reading was awesome. She stated that my father was present in the room and was telling her things about his murder. She then stated the first name of the man that my uncle stated was the ring leader. NO ONE would have known this name or this information except my family members which are now dead. It just came out. Do not hesitate to see her. She is gifted and real. You will see. I was in total shock when I left at things she said and picked up on. She is totally amazing."

—Leigh Ann, Tampa

"I can highly attest to the amazing gift Debbie Johnson has and uses to the fullest. I had a reading with her and everything the angel's said through her was spot on. She saw the house I was to move to replete with gardens, fountain and birdbath, birds and bunnies when I was 500 miles from it with my house not selling and she saw the price of my house which was exactly what I was offered after the call and after my move and seeing 2 houses the very house appeared which Debbie was describing! It is filled with light, lots of windows and has a beautiful garden, little fountain, birdbath and critters just like she saw. She is the 'real deal' and I thank God for having had the session with her.

What a wonderful sweet spirit."


"I had an amazing reading with Debbie this morning. I was amazed at the people that showed up. My Dad and Grandparents and animals. She was accurate. The angels offered healing on my mothers legs (I did not ask. That’s what makes it amazing.) Archangel Michael cleared a block on my heart and confirmed that my healing gifts are going to open up for animals and people. I do not have the words for over-all healing that took place. I would do this again and will."

—Diane M.

"I have worked with Debbie several times over the past few years and the experience has been extraordinary. Debbie helped me through a really hard year as I struggled with fertility - she helped me push forward with patience and confidence. In the end, she predicted exactly the number of embryos that would be there in the end - and what would work. It was truly unbelievable. She has also told me things about my life that I never expected to be true that ended up materializing in strange and different ways. I believe she is truly connected to spirits and she calls on them in a way that offers comfort and guidance to her clients. Thank you Debbie for loving direction and support. I am so grateful.


"I first heard Debbie talk on Lauren Galey’s show in the spring of 2016. I have been doing my spiritual work for thirty five years, and have worked with many spiritual people.

I noticed that Debbie had a genuine and almost childlike amazement and enthusiasm about the efficacy of the Angels who she works with. This showed me that she was not working from her ego.

I could feel the pure energy of her and her Angels, and I knew I wanted to work with her. Debbie has turned out to be one of four of the most pure and powerful spiritual helpers I have had in my life. She is genuinely sweet, and humble. But she is also very wise, and strong in a way that her appearance and initial impression do not belie.

Through the 18 months that I have worked with her, roughly once a month, she has been consistently kind, accommodating, and firm when it is needed. I feel very comfortable with her and don’t feel at all judged by her in my weaker or more upset times. I am not embarrassed about being confused, emotional, or vulnerable with her. She and her Angels were able to uncover and clear many lifetimes of curses, demonics, lost souls, and emotional darkness from me, my house and my family. She is always effective and as the months passed, I was healing steadily from illness and injury that had stopped my dance career in 2010.

In January of 2017 she told me that I would be dancing again. That was guidance I also had received but I couldn’t believe that it was going to happen because I had had so many false starts during those seven years, and each time I was stopped by tension, aching, and lack of inspiration.

By 2017 I was out of shape. I did try to start dancing again in February of 2017, but had to stop because of muscle spasms. So I thought, “well, Debbie and I must have just been wrong”. Debbie suggested that I dance to her music. Her generosity was unique. As the next few months passed I was more and more able to dance, and with the added help of John of God distance healing, and the prayers of a Christian Science Practitioner, as well as Debbie’s clearings, healing, and correct readings, I am now, in October of 2017, dancing several hours a day, and posting healing dance videos on youtube.

I feel like myself again for the first time in seven years. I am sixty-five, I almost gave up, and now I am stronger, more peaceful, and happier than I have even been. I am so grateful for this new life, and excited about serving Divine Love and Truth for many years to come."

—Sara S, www.aaavinc.org

"A loving waterfall of gentle, wise and powerful guidance from Debbie washed away a lifetime of concerns, worries and confusion. Her connection with my divine Guides and guardian Angels was profound, accurate and ultimately set me free to live life with higher Spiritual understanding and an open heart."

—SR, Sedona

"Debbie is beyond insightful, she's spiritually in tune and can with uncanny accuracy deliver the messages and information your angels and guides want you to hear. There is a healing and purpose in her work that I am most grateful for!"

—LC, Santa Monica

"Dearest Debbie,
You have such an amazing ability to communicate to the universe and all the beings. I felt deeply that you tapped into me and was so clear about all of my questions. I felt so uplifted, so joyous, so full of clarity and direction after our conversation. As if all of a sudden the pieces came together and there was a peace and a deeper knowledge of my life. I will recommend you to anyone with an open mind and some need of direction! I am so grateful to you and for everything that you brought me!

—Laura, Denmark

“In January of 2014, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Debbie Johnson for a personal reading.  At the time I had never had an angel reading and was dealing with all the paperwork and emotions that came with closing my mother’s estate.  My husband suggested speaking with Debbie might help me process the grief I was feeling over my mother’s passing.  When I met with Debbie I didn’t know what to expect but she was very calming, easy to talk to and phenomenal in what shared.

Without ever having been to my house she described my upstairs walkway which is open on either side by steel bannisters and the fact that my children had just learned to throw things through them.  She told me that my mother had taught them how to do this and was very thrilled that she was able to teach them something from the other side.  However, she had since realized that maybe it hadn’t been the best thing to teach them as she saw my husband and I frustrated over their new ‘game’. She told me my mother visited us often and especially the children.  

At the time of the reading she also told me my mother kept showing her crystal.  I couldn’t figure out what this meant until later that day when it clicked.  My mother had a large crystal lamp which was passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then to her. It was very special to her and it was her way of giving me a sign that Debbie was really channeling her.  Debbie couldn’t have known about our crystal connection without my mother telling her.  

Debbie told me that moving forward when I saw dimming or flashing lights it was a sign from my mom that she was there.  In the weeks following my reading I went to my mother’s grave site.  I was talking to her and telling her how much I missed her, when suddenly I looked over and my car that was completely turned off and locked had its hazard lights start to blink.   I knew right then that it was my mom saying she heard me and responding to me the only way she could.  

I have never forgotten my reading with Debbie.  She is the real deal. Truly exceptional and spot on with her readings.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.   Please don’t hesitate to contact her.”

—Cherie R., Austin

"I am ever so grateful for Debbie Johnson and the incredible gift she brings to this world. I have had profound transformation because of her guidance and am taking BIG action in my life because of her! I am in tears as I write this and in awe of just how powerful, life altering and accurate her work is. I would not hesitate for one second to allow yourself this life changing experience. Debbie is divine; don’t miss out! "

—Linda B., Portland

"When I first contacted Debbie my mom had just passed away and my grieving process was very very difficult. My energy was low and I had a constant feeling of oppression everywhere, specially in my soul. After our first session I felt joyous and full of hope, and though my grieving process has not come to an end it comes from a calmer, happier place."

—Andrea, Mexico City

"I had a reading with Debbie last November. I was so uplifted and excited by the experience. My father came through and she told me my business would get busier, which it has and quite a lot of other personal messages for me about one of my past lives (which explained the pain in certain areas of my body).

It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend anybody thinking about a reading with Debbie Johnson.  I found her to be right on target with where I was at then and the reading was in such a loving way. Thank you Debbie for the amazing experience."

—Ruth Costigan, massage therapist, New Zealand

"I sought guidance from Debbie because I was ‘stuck.’ Due to trauma last year, I have no job or home and I was estranged from my family, due to a brutal revelation, by my Mother, around a childhood incident. Debbie put me in touch with my Guardian Angel, my paternal Nana, who had passed more than 50 years ago, when I was far too young to remember her. After the reading, my Nana gave me strict instructions to call my elderly Mother and Father. I didn’t want to do this, based on previous very hurtful experiences with my Mother. I was very anxious, so I told her that I would do it next week. She was firm, telling me “no, you will call them now.” I did and I was reunited with my family in the most amazing way.  I discovered that if I had waited the week it may have been too late, as my Mother had been having serious medical problems. As we spoke, the pain and hurt just melted away and even though some things were not resolved, I effortlessly let go of the ‘need’ for the truth to be acknowledged. Deep hurt, all gone.

Debbie released the PTSD from my shoulders and after the call, I noticed that the stiffness was gone and that tonight they are still low, in their natural position, not raised up towards my ears. I “feel” so much lighter and today I weighed one kilo less, significant as I am a small woman. A huge weight was off my shoulders. What a welcome relief!"

- Christine, Queensland, Australia

"My session with Debbie was fantastic. I got a visit from my "west coast mom" who was present during the entire reading. She made witty comments via Debbie that were spot on. I cannot speak any more highly of Debbie. she helped me figure out several issues that needed guidance, and i got a visit from my sweet cat who just passed. Debbie assured me she was so happy to be out of her physical body. I refer everyone to Debbie as she has such a gift. Thank you Debbie!"

—Lisa B.

"I have always been skeptical of Mediums or anything related to it, basically a non-believer. Debbie said there is a man here smoking a pipe, smiling and was happy to be here. She then told me he was wearing blue. I asked what shade of blue, maybe powder blue, she answered no a deep royal blue. Now Debbie did not know I had an older brother that passed a year earlier and no one other than me and his widow could have known he smoked pipes in his 20's and 30's. It was the day after Yom Kippur, a holiday when you light candles for family members that have passed, I had tossed the burnt candles from the trash asking her if this color looked familiar? Her answer was "That's the color the man is wearing!" There is now way she could have known any of this, what can I say I other than I am now far less skeptical! "

—LG, Los Angeles

"Debbie has been able to help all of my dogs with issues my vets haven't been able to see. Me and my gang love her and when we need to re-balance we call her over for Reiki! She is God sent!"

—H. Rosen

"Debbie predicted that I’d meet a man that had something to do with golf and that I’d be soon meeting someone that’d I’d spend a substantial amount of time with. A few days later I met an incredible man that I want to spend all my time with, who also happens to be a highly experienced golfer. She’s incredible. "


"My Angelic reading with Debbie was my first ever reading in my life. I have always been hesitant given the effect a reading could have on me based upon the trust you place upon someone.

Debbie made me feel enveloped in love & light and I was in awe at how Debbie communicated with my grandma, my guides, Archangels and Angels.

Not only was the reading comprehensive in answering my heartfelt concerns, they were exact and precise as time unfolded confirming all the information my angels had communicated with Debbie prior.

The reading gave me hope and promise in the midst of a very difficult time in my life, and without it I would not have had the courage, conviction or knowledge to move through it. Hearing that my grandmother who had passed was there to help whenever I asked helped move me out of my situation quickly as she had been by my side the whole time.

This led to me moving beyond my difficult situation much faster thanks to the messages conveyed through Debbie from my beautiful Angels, guides and amazing grandma who passed more than 10 years ago.

Any fear around readings fell away after my session with Debbie and I have since had another reading with Debbie regarding my next steps.

I can't believe access to such amazing communication with Angels, guides and deceased loved ones has always been there for me and I was unaware it was even a possibility.

Debbie's authentic desire to help others with her gifts along with the clarity and accuracy of her readings, will always lead me to her for confirmation and guidance I may need communicated from my amazing spiritual team that surround, love and protect me at all times.

Thank you thank you thank you beautiful Debbie for forever improving and enlightening my path."

—Tammy-Lee, Sydney

"I am writing this testimonial because I feel inclined to say how grateful and impressed I am with Debbie's readings. Debbie has read for me a number of times and I have found her readings to be very accurate and also very nuturing. She has told me things that I did not believe in the moment but have materialized in time.

Debbie is very generous in her readings and very patient. I have utilized her services in a process that has been a very emotional process and she has consistently stayed with the same answer, which has come to fruition.

She has read for me about my daughter. She was correct in all that she said about my daughter.

I would recommend Debbie highly. I have already recommended her to my friends. I was recommended to her by one of my friends who also had an amazing experience with Debbie."

—Karenne C. Derian

“Debbie is eerily precise in her readings. She told me things she could have never known without the amazing gift she possesses. She is the real deal, as if she is not of this world. I am becoming a regular client of hers, and feel lucky to have been introduced to her by a dear friend who is also a long time client. Try her out, you will be amazed!”

—Jason C.

“Debbie has been providing me and my family with guidance for many years now, and it amazes me how she knows exactly what is occurring in our lives without asking any questions. Debbie not only tells you what is happening in your life, but is able to work many dimensions to clear past lives and/or relationships to which no longer serve a purpose and are keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

Debbie has been able to teach me how to develop my own skills to work with my own guides and angles directly. Recently through me, Debbie was able to clear my friends who were very ill and needed help. She was able to tell me the exact reason of their illness and help them to recover. Debbie’s kindhearted and caring personality toward her clients makes her a friend for life. She makes you feel good about yourself and that you know you can always count on her at any time.”


“My reading with Debbie was the most loving, comforting amazing experience and reading that I have ever had!  It was so beautiful and filled with such light and love that I felt so comfortable asking for any information. And, the answers were so accurate and the information that she channeled through the Archangels and from the other side was breathtaking. Debbie was so reassuring about the level of care that I had been providing for my mother for many years and brought tears to my eyes by telling me that my mother (who had stopped speaking from dementia) was so happy and comfortable being here with me. That brought tremendous comfort to me during the last few months of my mother's life here on the earth plane. She also gave such uplifting details from the Angels about other aspects of my life. And, she confirmed through the Angels that I was manifesting very quickly, and it was wonderful to have this information confirmed, since I had not been very confident about this aspect. Wow! This was my first Angel reading, and I am so glad and grateful to have found Debbie. Her gifts are so divinely inspired, and she delivers the reading with such tenderness, love and light. I cannot thank Debbie enough for her Angelic gifts. She is a true blessing."


"I have had three readings with Debbie and always look forward to the next one! Her ability to directly connect to my guides has had a powerful effect on my business and personal relationships! The greatest therapy for me...."

—Cindy Jarvis, Seattle (www.YouEqualsMe.com)

"The readings I have had from Debbie have been so accurate in confirming to myself what needs to be done in my life.  I trust all that Debbie and the Angels say and it has catapulted me 10 fold onto my path in life.  I would highly recommend Debbie for a reading she gives them with grace and love."

—Julie Dryburgh

"I had the pleasure of receiving Reiki and a tarot card reading from Debbie. And on both occasions she offered comfort and guidance that helped me to see my life experience more clearly. She has the ability to channel healing energy and messages with amazing accuracy. Your readings have helped me in more ways than one!"

—Rometris Davis-Wright

"Debbie is genuinely gifted. Her readings are insightful and intricate and I always feel a deepened connection with the guidance that surrounds us after sitting with her for an hour.  She is a beautiful soul and I trust her wholeheartedly as she clearly has a purity of intention to be helpful and healing to those who seek her guidance. And she is truly helpful!"


"Thank you Debbie. It was an amazing reading with her. She connected with my father, mother and my better half who had all passed away the experience was just uncanny. It brought so much peace. Healing by Archangel Micheal was just phenomenal. Can't wait for another reading in very near future."


"I have been doing spiritual healing and psychic work for over 30 years, and I have worked with many healers and psychics. Debbie is exceptionally accurate and wise. Her innate purity calls forth very powerful help from Heaven. In Debbie’s case, her physical prettiness is a true reflection of her soul’s beauty."

—Sara Street, N.Y.

“I am incredibly careful and particular about who I will go see for readings, therapies, advice, etc.  A very well trusted friend/advisor told me about Debbie. The first thing I noticed when I met Debbie was the love and sweetness that she emanates, combined with a really grounded personality. She is very authentic and as soon as you sit down with her for a reading, you get a sense that she is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing here on earth. Her work is masterful and loving; what comes through her is very pure. And here is the kicker - it’s not simply the accuracy of what she hears from the Angels, it’s the way in which she presents what she hears, and how she is with YOU, her client, that makes her totally unique and someone who I will continue to see for the rest of my life. 

In listening to your Angels, Debbie time and time again leads you back to your own heart. Every time I’ve left a session with her, I’ve felt some version of being expanded, satisfied, hopeful and happy.

And, last but not least, in touch with not only my outer guidance, but back in touch with my inner guidance- the Divine compass I needed to connect with all along."

—Cynthia Spillman, voice artist

"I had a reading with you in November of 2015.  All I can say is wow!  In my reading you mentioned the number 70.  After we had the reading it hit me that my grandma who passed away lived in a building with the number 70!  You also mentioned that a problem with the IRS will work in my favor.  I did not have a problem with the IRS but ended up getting garnished $700-800 a month through my employer for a debt I still do not know what it actually is.  I went to court to be exempted from this debt and it all worked out in my favor!  I was amazed at how accurate you are!  I know you said you see me buying a home by the water which hasn't happened yet, but I know it will!  I can't wait to see!!!!  Thank you so much.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!!"

—Nilda, Clermont

"I first spoke to Debbie two years ago, and have called her back several times for more conversations and insights during the moments when I have felt either heartbroken or unsure about the direction of my life. She has a beautiful gifting and has always provided me with really helpful information.  Without being too personal, she helped guide me out of a relationship which was not meant for me. There were some things that she was able to see, which I couldn't. She has even told me, point by point, exactly what would happen with a job I'd interviewed for. I could not believe how accurate the reading was.  She was correct, to the day. There have been many things that she has told me, which have been confirmed in my life.  I'm very grateful to know her."


"I was first introduced to Debbie one year ago, at a real low point in my life. I had exhausted all my resources both financial and emotional, tried every modality, sought counsel from everyone and was desperate to move myself forward but simply could not. Let me paint an accurate picture: after a long successful career 28 yrs and happily supporting myself, owning my own home, charting my own course, I had hit a wall. In 2008 I had been laid off due to the financial crisis, I used all my resources just to survive, eventually filing bankruptcy and somehow wound up in a relationship that had turned abusive. This represented everything I had worked so hard to avoid my entire life. I hardly recognized myself.. it was as if it was happening to another person, yet no matter what I tried, what mantra I said , how positive my journal entries were, what angels I prayed to...nothing was shifting. My soul was dying and I had given up.

Debbie's readings and the messages painted a detailed picture of everything I wanted my life to be...down to the location of where I would live, the job I was looking for, the car etc...Her angelic energy, kindness, empathy and clarity gave me tremendous faith and belief that the life I desired was still coming for me....she also indicated that while the angels wanted to deliver this life to me I had some responsibility in my fate as well...she explained the importance of self love, self respect and setting boundaries despite my circumstances ...all of which I thought I had accomplished . When she pressed me to leave my current situation, I was emphatic why my dire circumstances and lack of resources kept me in the abusive situation and if ONLY the angels would "deliver" I would be free. Reading after reading I would say " Where are all these great things, WHERE?" She remained steadfast in the validity of the messages she was receiving...often frustrated that my belief was waivering . However I listened to the readings repeatedly , her endless patience, compassion and conviction in these messages were unshakable. This gave me faith on some very bleak days.

After months of coaching, on a very very dark day, I packed a bag, called an acquaintance to come get me and left my circumstances. With little to no resources, within a few weeks, everything she predicted came to pass. As if it had been there all along and was just waiting for me to show up....in truth , it turns out that the simple act of leaving my circumstances with no plan, no money and no idea where it would come from was all the universe needed from me. She called it "self love" which is an act of faith in itself . Apparently, that alone was the key to unlocking the destiny that had been waiting for me all along. Ironic, as all along I had been waiting for it! Today I have an amazing new job I love, an awesome new car and just moved into a great apartment exactly where I wanted to live. (after filing bankruptcy 3 years ago, no resources, no co-signer, no family support...no joke)
I can't stop smiling ...as they say, sometimes the happiness even rolls down my cheeks. Debbie never gave up on me, never gave into my doubts and never waivered from the messages she received.

This woman is a gift to all those brave enough to go on the journey."

- Melissa G.


“I’ve been around amazing psychics my whole life – when I was just a little girl, my father used to have friends over who would answer questions I was thinking but never said aloud. It was crazy! Debbie is the real deal with a rare gift. Her readings get straight to the point, and are extremely practical – telling you just what you need to know, and what steps to take to make the best of things, all without any spiritual mumbo jumbo or confusing woo-woo fluff. She’s also so much fun and warm, and genuinely cares and wants to help. Some of her predictions have utterly blown my mind, and her input always leaves me more relaxed and positive about whatever is next. I highly recommend her.”

—Carol Allen, Vedic astrologer and relationship coach (www.loveisinthestars.com)

“Debbie was recommended to me by a good friend down in Texas. We have had many sessions since then. She is amazing in her ability to be a medium through her God given gifts. She was actually the first person who diagnosed me with endometriosis 1 full year before any doctors ever made the diagnosis. She also has channeled both my grandmothers and other people in my life who have passed over to the other side. I highly recommend speaking with Debbie if you have questions in your life and are open to the possibility of other ways of dealing with them. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose! I also I feel that I have gained a good friend as well as counsel from a higher power through Debbie as medium.”

—Chelsea, Texas

“Debbie, you are our lighthouse. The tower of light singing a tune without words that helps us navigate through a sea of uncertainty. The ever-reliable sentinel warning us of impending danger. Emanating an arc of visibility to aid us to navigate through life’s often rough uncharted water. Lost in the fog and mist, with the darkness of nightfall brewing, we search the shore for the stability of the watchtower. Where uncertainty and indecision is all we know, we are so grateful to see the luster of your lantern. A luminous light that emanates hope, promise and new beginnings. While we may lose sight of the shore, we feel safe as long as in sight of the tower. You help us to hold the radiant light, until daybreak emerges from behind a faraway hill to know that every interaction has purpose to understand that we are cared for and supported to believe that with each problem, there is ever resolution and hope. Your softly spoken words are caring whisperings of better to come they illuminate paths for us to journey and create windows of promise provide glimpses of future hope and help us remember our past odyssey that rekindles the splendor of life. You let us know that we have nothing to fix that there is nowhere to be, no one to be and no hurry to be that we are good enough, our mistakes are a blessing and the catalyst for our own illumination and to remember that when we stumble there is always a hand to help. Without you we would not know the true beauty of the light Your gift is a blessing to us all.”

—Matthew, Australia

"I made an amazing connection with my loved ones through Debbie.  Both my mother and grandmother came through and I was able to see the ways in which they were helping me from the other side.  I received confirmation for things I should do to take care of myself as self love came up as something that needed  more attention.  (My mom said to pull the trigger on my master bath renovation!)  What really gave me goosebumps was when Debbie saw a man with dark hair and blue eyes who Archangel Michael was showing her.  I kept thinking it was someone who is deceased and couldn't place him.  Turns out it is my son-in-law who is in law enforcement and has Michael tattooed on his shoulder. I was assured he is being watched over by my loved ones and Michael.  My prayers are being heard.

On a previous reading, my dad came though with a lot of enthusiasm.  When Debbie said, "he is showing me an ear of corn" I knew without a doubt it was my father.  We called him a corn-asseur as that food was his absolute favorite. At this point, if I even tended to question Debbie's gift, questioning was  no longer an option.  That was unmistakably my dad!" 

—Barb G.

"I have worked with Debbie for many years and she IS A GODSEND, literally!  I believe her natural gifts are from the angels and the messages are always shared with light, even if the topic may be dark.  My own faith and spiritual growth have been strengthened through the clarity of the messages Debbie receives. Her energy is pure love!

I highly recommend working with her utilizing all the venues of healing she offers.  The work is always spot on and my trust in her is implicit."

—Cathy Y.

"Debbie is undoubtedly one of a kind. I've been to my fair share of clairvoyants, mediums, and psychics over the years and her presence, as well as her overall being pierces its way to the top tier echelon. Words are feeble in painting a picture of just how beautiful she is as a person. If you go in with an open heart and trust in her work, chances are you will find what you are seeking. There is a charismatic juxtaposition to Debbie as she maintains a grounded, no bullshit, southern girl disposition despite her metaphysical talents. I find it to be a wonderful integration. Lastly, her rates are more than reasonable and she will never push a $1,000 dollar 'healing' onto you like most 'psychics.' Make the wise choice and choose Debbie Johnson."

—IY, Los Angeles

"In April, 2016, I heard Debbie Johnson giving angel messages on Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey. As I listened, I was enveloped by a feeling of love and security and I knew that Debbie’s work with the angels was real and authentic. That recognition sent chills up and down my spine and I knew immediately that I needed Debbie’s assistance. I was living in a foreign country and my beloved husband of 10 years had just passed away. I could feel the presence of my husband around me and I could hear his thoughts. While it was comforting to know he was watching over me, I knew that he had more important things he needed to be doing on the other side and his continued growth and happiness was my number one priority. I was also at that “What do I do now?” stage, being recently retired and having given up my home and most of my possessions in order to make this move to a foreign country with my husband. To top it all off, I also had health issues to consider.

Debbie called upon Archangel Michael to help my husband relax and move fully into the light knowing that I was safe and protected. She and the angels helped me to clarify and confirm the next steps I should take and Archangel Gabriel gave reassurance regarding my medical concerns. All this occurred in a brief 30 minute angel reading. I would love to have more time to delve even deeper and cover some of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues in my life, but the advice I received has set me out on the highest path for my soul growth and I am extremely grateful. I thank Debbie from the bottom of my heart and highly recommend her to serve as a channel for the angel messages you need to move through any challenging issues/situations in your life in your life. Blessings and much love to you all."

—Rene M., Salem

"I've been consulting with Debbie for about 5-6 years now and she never ceases to amaze me!  Her psychic and interpretative skills are like no others I've seen in the past, and I've seen a few!  She is incredibly positive, sincere, and authentic and even when delivering challenging news--she always is able to put a positive spin on it--making it much easier to absorb.  Her advice is usually spot on and really offers her client the leverage they need when it comes to mapping out their lives and making good decisions.  Her ability is beyond your expectation as she is so detailed in her visions.  I absolutely feel closer to my angel guides and spirit when in her presence.  And I almost forget to add what an amazing medium she is as well. She connects in such a powerful way with your loved ones who have crossed over delivering their love and guidance from the other side.  Do not hesitate to make an appointment with Debbie, she is a 100% legit!  I don't know where I would be without her!"

—Leslie Kritzer

"Let me start out by saying Debbie saved my daughter's life...........

In March of 2010 I was three months pregnant with my first child. I had a reading over the phone with Debbie early that month and little did I know it would change my life. I asked about my pregnancy and the health of my unborn child. She said she saw me having a C-Section due to the fact the umbilical cord was wrapped around my babies neck. She said I would delivery the baby either 8 days early or 8 days late. Hearing that from her obviously scared me and stayed with me throughout my pregnancy. I took it to heart because I have had readings from Debbie before and she has been pretty accurate about things that have happened in my life.

Around my 38th week of pregnancy I noticed that my baby was not as active as normal. She was still kicking and moving frequently, but I noticed a slightly decreased. I monitored it, but didn't think it was to abnormal as babies typically moves less later in pregnancy. During my 39 week check up with my doctor I wasn't going to mention my babies decreased movement because I had convinced myself it was normal. As my doctor was about to discharge me and walk out the door I started thinking about my reading with Debbie. I couldn't get it out of my head. I called my doctor back and told her I may be over reacting but my baby wasn't kicking as often as before and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. She did an ultrasound and found that my amniotic fluid was extremely low. She said I need to go to the hospital immediately and they were going to induce labor so I could have the baby. I asked her why it was bad to have low amniotic fluid, what could happen? She replied, "If you don't have enough amniotic fluid in your uterus the umbilical cord doesn't have anything thing to keep it loose and moving and it can get caught around the baby's neck."

After 33 hours of labor I wasn't progressing like I should, so I had to have a C-Section.

On September 16, 2010 (8 days before my due date) I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb, 12 oz baby girl named Juliet Danielle! Today she is happy, healthy and the absolute love of my life.

I can not even imagine what would have happened had I not told my doctor about my concern. I know if I had not had that reading from Debbie I would not have said anything. I would have thought it was normal from everything I had read in my pregnancy books and online.

My reading with Debbie truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful. She not only has a beautiful gift, but is a sweet, honest and beautiful human being.

Thank you Debbie."

—Meghan Fritschy, Carranza

"I'm very thankful that I get to connect with you and your work,because of the love,care and healing I receive in the moments when I need it most. You are sincere and have a deep willingness to help and are very generous with your time. The information I got from my sessions has been of immense value because I was able to take the right actions at right time. I'm also thankful for your support and prayers when my daughter broke her arm your response to help was immediate.

I feel happy that I meet you. You're a light in the moments of darkness.

—Mirella, Switzerland

"Reading with Debbie is an amazing experience, she sees and knows things she couldn't possibly know by herself.  Her readings have given me valuable insight into my life.  She has an amazing gift, addresses my concerns and questions and is a very kind and gentle soul, she is friendly and down to earth and she makes the whole experience something to look forward to.  She was able to see into a past life to something that has deeply affected my life, even interfered with it in many ways and invoked a healing with Archangel Michael that cleared its effects from my past.  Now I can see the issue for what it is and it no longer has the hold it once did over me.  She even advised me that it would take some time since it was deeply ingrained within me to fade completely and she was right.  It is easier to manage now and I can see life past it.  That healing she did for me working with Archangel Michael was such a deep and profound experience, it has had lasting changes in my life that I am still just becoming aware of. During the reading she knew of things that happened as a child such as having trouble sleeping and when I was born, she knew I had trouble breathing which was all directly related to what had happened in that past lifetime, my mom had validated the issues I had when I was born.  Debbie helped put the pieces together for me and now I know something wasn't wrong with me physically. She was able to see it all for what it was and that was a relief, I didn't feel so alone in it all anymore.  She is so easy to talk to, quick to email and reply to you and she genuinely enjoys what she does, you can feel it in the reading!  She's so good I even set my Mom up with a reading as a present!  If you have a chance, I would definitely recommend a reading with her, it will be such a benefit to your life and really help to change it, you can gain clarity and direction that might be hard to see on your own."

—Brian T. Cole

"Debbie is amazing! I have been getting pyschic readings from her for 4 years. Her accuracy is right on spot. We all can change our course with the choices we make daily. Debbie uses angel energy, God and divine spirit. She stays in the light. I am so grateful for her readings. They are an important way for me to see the path ahead or why a door closes or why a person is out of my life. It allows me to be aware and make the choices I need to make for my happiness. It helps me see and understand my destined path."

—Kristi Dietz, Los Angeles

"The first time I had a reading with Debbie, I was greatly moved. She touched on a dozen specifics from my life that really helped clarify a myriad of questions floating in my heart. I have since returned on numerous occasions. I record every session as sometimes we miss things the first time; listening to them back months later often provides me with healing all over again, as well as additional insight about new things that have come up since.

While I don't believe that anyone on earth can tell your "fortune" or guarantee that specific things will inevitably come true in your life, I do strongly believe- having experienced it myself- that our guides can relay messages to help us move forward on our path, with more clarity, and with love. Without asking her for anyone specific, a number of loved ones have come through with specific guidance in our sessions. I believe Debbie is a loving human and a talented healer. I have recommended her to friends, and I will continue to consult with her when I feel most in need of some clarity in my life. Thank you, Debbie."


“Debbie and her connection to the Angelic Realm coupled with her Reiki Healing is the most amazing experience I have enjoyed! I have had many experiences in psychic readings, reiki and hands-on healing and I just love that Debbie puts the two together. It is incredibly powerful because not only are you getting direction and messages from the Angels and your guides, but she is also clearing energy and things that are stuck in your physical body. The session is a healing for your body and soul and you can't find many people offering that service. Debbie is kind and full of light and love. It emanates from her spirit. I am so lucky that I found her and even more lucky to call her my friend. I trust her and have recommended her to my own clients who have only given me rave reviews about her and who still talk about their incredible experience with Debbie 2 years later."  

—Tara Manna

"I have had several readings from Debbie and found her readings provided comfort and hope following the death of my husband. To be reassured we are still connected to those we have loved, to hear they are happy and to receive messages to assist us in going forward with our lives was an enormous gift to me.  Debbie's reading affirmed the support available to me from loved ones who have died, and how they continue to be available to us if we ask for their assistance. Debbie's reading helped me to believe what I already know.  I asked for help with a family problem that was really upsetting, her suggestions created major changes and brought so much joy and comfort to the individuals involved. A friend's husband died and he came through with messages which affirmed for her that he was still with her.  Debbie was spot with the information she shared. She advised me to be specific is asking for what I needed from my husband.  When I did this and advised family member to do the same...what joy and happiness that created!

Debbie is a person who cares deeply for others and whose mission is to bring comfort from those who have died.  I felt so nurtured and supported by her readings. I highly recommend her. "

—Emily Duffy-Arsenault

“In April, 2016, I heard Debbie Johnson giving angel messages on Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey. As I listened, I was enveloped by a feeling of love and security and I knew that Debbie’s work with the angels was real and authentic. That recognition sent chills up and down my spine and I knew immediately that I needed Debbie’s assistance. I was living in a foreign country and my beloved husband of 10 years had just passed away. I could feel the presence of my husband around me and I could hear his thoughts. While it was comforting to know he was watching over me, I knew that he had more important things he needed to be doing on the other side and his continued growth and happiness was my number one priority. I was also at that “What do I do now?” stage, being recently retired and having given up my home and most of my possessions in order to make this move to a foreign country with my husband. To top it all off, I also had health issues to consider.

Debbie called upon Archangel Michael to help my husband relax and move fully into the light knowing that I was safe and protected. She and the angels helped me to clarify and confirm the next steps I should take and Archangel Gabriel gave reassurance regarding my medical concerns. All this occurred in a brief 30 minute angel reading. I would love to have more time to delve even deeper and cover some of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues in my life, but the advice I received has set me out on the highest path for my soul growth and I am extremely grateful. I thank Debbie from the bottom of my heart and highly recommend her to serve as a channel for the angel messages you need to move through any challenging issues/situations in your life in your life. Blessings and much love to you all.”

—Rene M., Salem

“Debbie Johnson is the real deal.  I have had two readings with her and they have been life changing!  The first helped me with debilitating grief for my father, and let me know he is still with me, and the second has moved me forward in my quest for spiritual growth so that I may step into my purpose.  I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone to receive guidance from their angels and loved ones.”


"Debbie is an amazing and gifted psychic I would totally recommend her. She is the best psychic I have come across and on top of that, she is also an incredibly lovely person. If you are looking for a psychic you couldn't be in better hands. Her readings are extremely accurate."

—Gordon Roberts

"You told me an older man would come to me asking for help. For the life of me I could not figure out who that person could be and yet three years later it happened. Debbie is an extremely talented woman who brings peace to the people she interacts with. I am so grateful to have met Debbie. She helped me see the light at the end of dark tunnel. And I have felt more at ease and at peace with the direction of my life ever since. Thank YOU Debbie!!!"

—Michelle Alameda, CA

"Debbie is a gift from God and her readings have been so accurate, so healing, and so HELPFUL in every area of my life. You will love her insight and she truly is an angelic messenger."

—Lauren Frances

“Debbie is amazing - she is so accurate. I could not find a school for my daughter, the angels told her that one will come through in May and it did. She also told me that I will be able to join my husband on his business trip, and not only did we come with him, everything was even fully paid by his employer and we were able to extend it to a week which was a great holiday at the seaside. I am very excited about my future. Debbie is the first one I think of when I need to find a solution - it feels like turning to your very best friend but much better because you get answers and one can act accordingly. She is so nice and I immediately feel so good and happy when I talk to her. Absolutely love her!”


"Our cat had gone misdiagnosed by 3 prominent Los Angeles vets for a vomiting and diarrhea condition that had persisted for over a year. Lately, it had gotten so bad the cat had become lethargic. I had recently began to worry that she might be suffering from a pesticide exposure, as she likes to eat bugs which the apartment building I live in routinely sprays for. I had mentioned to Debbie the pesticide concern but within a few minutes in our home, Debbie was certain it was not pesticides at all. Of course I was relieved, but was surprised when she blurted out, in a voice that seemed to excite and surprise her as well, "wheat!" She said the cat was having a reaction to wheat.

I was surprised because I had her on a grain free diet, and told Debbie as much. But she did not hesitate or question her finding, she only continued to by saying that she was being told that the company which manufactures the product may make that claim that there is no grain, but not to believe it. I made a call to the company of the brand of food I had been giving the cat. Though the company did not add grain to their food, they did produce it in a factory which produced grain products, allowing for cross-contamination. Needless to say, the very day I began giving the cat new food, the vomiting stopped. Within another 2 days the diarrhea ceased as well. The cat is finally acting like a youthful girl, commensurate with her age, and has even shown signs of development that she had not presented before. We are so grateful to Debbie."

—Anne McDermott

"I had a reading by Debbie about 1 year ago and I really enjoyed it. She is so easy to talk to and very sweet. I was able to ask all the questions I wanted to and get answers immediately through Debbie. It's a lot of fun and I recommend a session with her."

—KN, Brooklyn