If you would like to book a reading, Email: debbie@angelicmessages.com.

If you would like to book a hands-on Reiki session, Email: debbie@angelicmessages.com.

If you would like to book an event or bring Debbie to your city,  Email: debbie@angelicmessages.com.

Note: Recordings are available on all readings via phone or Skype at no extra charge. However, they are not guaranteed due to the angelic interference with electronics.

***Readings serve as guidance. It is ultimately up to you what you choose to do with the information. For LEGAL purposes, readings serve as entertainment only. All medical and psychological questions should also be directed to professionals in those fields. Debbie Johnson is not responsible for the decisions you ultimately make, but simply offers guidance from the spirit. There are no refunds available for readings.***